Please use massage on a business trip in Tokyo

Couples and couples are welcome to use

We work on massages on a business trip mainly in Tokyo, and support those who want to pay attention to beauty and health. Traditional Thai massage and aroma treatment at home or hotel. A therapist will prepare a set of towels, so please feel free to contact us for the first time use.
In addition to one person, we also offer treatments for two people so that you can spend a relaxing time with friends, couples and couples. We aim to improve basal metabolism and immunity by adopting a gentle stretch between shiatsu, so if you want to heal your mind and body by treatment, please tell us.


Please use a business trip massage for couples in Tokyo

Treatment that can be requested with friends and family

Thai massage

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Thai massage Tokyo

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Nakagawa Building 2F, 4-2 Yotsuya Yotsuya, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

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The salon that offers massage business trip services from Tokyo can handle requests from various locations, mainly in the 23 wards of Tokyo. We value customer peace of mind and strive to treat customers with care, and we have received high praise from many customers for treatment and services. Since the repeat rate is high and it is popular that you can use it with confidence, please feel free to contact us.

About us

We will ask you for a business trip massage mainly in Tokyo

We have contracted business trip massage from Tokyo to 23 wards in Tokyo

A therapist will travel to your home or hotel in the 23 wards of Tokyo. We also accept couples, couples, friends, etc. for use by two people, so please consider various menus with important people even if you have no experience in treatment. After carefully counseling the customer's physical condition and worries, we will propose the treatment contents and start working on it after being satisfied. Please feel free to ask us about any physical problems or concerns you may have during treatment.
We offer Thai traditional massage and aroma treatment. In Thai traditional massage, stretches between shiatsu to improve basal metabolism and immunity, and work to prevent and improve high blood pressure, diabetes and coldness. In the other aroma treatment, a procedure using oil will firmly promote lymphatic flow. Along with lymph, waste and water accumulated in the body will flow comfortably, improving the body's laziness and fatigue. Detailed information is available on the website, so please check it when you consider using it.

Enjoy a polite business trip massage in the Tokyo area

We will perform treatment after carefully asking your physical condition and request at your home or a specified hotel. Therapists are offering Thai traditional massage and aroma treatment. Thai traditional massage, which is said to be effective in improving and preventing various symptoms such as high blood pressure, coldness, and asthma, improves basal metabolism and immunity by adopting gentle stretches during shiatsu. You can also expect the effect of improving the flow.
In the aroma treatment, the flow of lymph is promoted by a procedure using oil. Lymph plays a role in carrying waste products. Lymphatic stagnation can cause swelling, tension, and fatigue, so by promoting the flow, the water and waste that have accumulated in the body will flow together, aiming to improve fatigue and fatigue, etc. The treatment also has a relaxing effect and promotes health. If you are interested in the menu, please feel free to contact us so that the therapist will give careful attention to the treatment and customer service so that you can have a pleasant time.